Support for Adult Clients

As a psychologist and addictions counsellor, I provide knowledgeable specialist assessment, support, and practical guidance to individual adults. The support I offer varies depending on your goals, and my priority is on meeting the needs and building up the strengths of those who come to me.

It is easy to find yourself having developed patterns of behaviour and thinking that are difficult for you to understand and respond effectively to, and factors such as emotional dysregulation, trauma or serious communication difficulties may mean that each day becomes an uphill battle. In my practice, I embody the principles of ako and awhi. Ako means to learn from the learner in a reciprocal learning relationship, where both the client and I bring key knowledge into each session that allows for greater understanding. This is a core element in developing insight and paving the way for sustainable interventions and learning to communicate in a way that allows them to progress towards and achieve their goals.

Addictions and mental health

In addition to being a psychologist, I am trained in Addiction Studies and have experience providing counselling in this field as a registered Addictions Counsellor.

Addictions assessment and treatment includes:

I provide coaching and guidance related to identifying personal strengths and work or life goals. I use evidence-based methods to address and collaboratively resolve the issues facing my clients. Support includes assessment and treatment, recommendations, ongoing referral, and interventions as agreed upon.

Frequently, people may be able to identify a concerning pattern in their own behaviours, but they struggle to manage and overcome these patterns alone. This is where a psychologist can really help, by clarifying what these patterns may indicate and working with the client on how best to respond to these in manageable, sustainable ways.